Understanding the threats you face is the key

2018 Data Breach Investigations Report

www­.verizonenterprise­.com – Shared by ♘ Josh Corman

thumbnail Understanding the threats you face is the key to effective cybersecurity The 2017 DBIR revealed the biggest threats in your sector and what you can do to mitigate them. What were the biggest threats …
Illinois bonds once again rated just above junk 

www­.illinoispolicy­.org – Shared by Illinois Policy

thumbnail One rating agency cited Illinois’ “persistent crisis-like budget environment” as explanation for the state’s near-junk credit. A spending cap constitutional amendment and pension reform could go a lo…
Why Buyers May Lose If They Don’t Act Now 

realtormag­.realtor­.org – Shared by Jackie Miller

thumbnail Rising mortgage rates could have a big impact on the direction your buyers choose when shopping for real estate, economists warn. “Every time the interest rates go up, you eliminate a group of people…
What Is The Application Process For Car Loan? 

www­.letzbank­.com – Shared by LetzBank.com

thumbnail Finally you have chosen the car of your dreams and just can’t wait to get behind the wheels. However a cumbersome process of loan awaits you before you could actually purchase the vehicle that sets y…
Ramaphosa’s to do list 

www­.moneyweb­.co­.za – Shared by Moneyweb News

thumbnail South Africa’s new President, Cyril Ramaphosa, seems to have a lot going for him. His early new broom sweeps clean gestures have been incisive and the market indicators are responding well. A plethor…
Jarid Johnston

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